Stockpiling rubber band firearms

I’ve been working as a counselor with some of the local Boy Scouts for the woodworking merit badge, and for their final project they got to make ping pong ball guns.

After helping them all make them, I decided that in these uncertain times, I needed more rubber band powered firearms in my stockpile, so I made several of them for myself.

Ping Pong Ball Guns

Ping Pong Ball Guns

I took three of them to the game night with a couple of friends, and for a while I wondered if we’d ever get around to putting down the ping pong guns and playing the board games we had planned to play.

Now I’m very much looking forward to playing with these with my brothers next week.

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  1. Those are so awesome!!! You should market them. I’d definitely get some. (:

  2. Sold! How many shall I put you down for? 😉

  3. Saturday morning, I got up early with the kids and entertained them by shooting those ping pong balls into the couch. They loved running up to retrieve them and give them back for me to shoot again. Good times…

  4. Hey, they look Great! I would like to make one of these. Do you have plans that you would sell?

  5. Sorry, but I don’t have any plans available.

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