New Guineas

We’ve got a band of feral guinea pigs. We had them in an enclosed pen outside, but they all escaped and have been living it up on the land. Those that haven’t been eaten by other critters, that is.

The most dangerous time for the guinea pigs is when they’re young, because then our cats, which we have to keep the rodent population down, will predate them as well. But once they’re big enough, the cats leave them completely alone.

For a while now we’ve been planning on making a nursery for them to keep the ones that are either too young to be safe outside or which have given birth too recently to be safely bred.

Last week my daughter happened to catch one of the guinea pigs that was very pregnant. Instead of letting it go, I brought it inside and have kept it in my office until we can get the nursery finished.

Today the nursery was finished, and just in time, because this is what I saw when I came to my office this morning:

Baby Piggies
Piggies and Mommy

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  1. Awww. How cute! Feral guinea pigs, huh? I’m impressed they’re surviving!

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