Feeding the Bees

Yesterday Mary asked me to make something for the farm. It’s a feeder to put inside the beehives so that when they’re starting out, food is easy to find and plentiful, allowing them to get the hive good and strong. I made six of them.

They’re simple and making them is straightforward, but the neat thing is that I was able to spend an hour in the shop and create $25 worth of value from scrap wood and glue. Usually when I calculate how much I’m “earning” in my shop, it’s far below minimum wage.

Not that I’d want to spend all day making these things, but still.

Bee Feeder

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Nativity Set

This nativity set is very similar to one that my father made years ago. It’s really simple, but my children love to play with it. I promised my wife that I’d make her one by Christmas.

Last year.

I finally got around to it yesterday.

Anyway, it’s made from wood salvaged from an old pallet. I have no idea what type of wood it is, but I really like the interesting grain.

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Lately I have really been enjoying GoodReads, the “social networking site for readers”. Unlike other social networking sites like Facebook, GoodReads is pretty much just about books — what you’ve read, what you’re reading, and what you’re planning on reading.

You can rate each book from zero to 5 stars, and, if you wish, write a review about it. Just seeing the books that my friends have rated highly or are planning to read has added a lot of books to my “to read” queue (which I keep track of at GoodReads).

You can also write reviews for books, and comment on others’ reviews.

Of course, like all social networking sites, it’s more valuable to you the more friends you have who are also part of it. But if you’re reading this, chance are that you’re already friend of mine, which means at least one of your friends is already a member.

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It’s birthday time here, which means it’s time for another batch of toys to be made.

This time, the theme was dinosaurs.


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

It’s a day-glow pterodactyl.

This is the third set of wooden animal blocks I’ve made this year. Here are the first two sets I made:

Zoo animals (mostly)

Farm animals (mostly)

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