Coin Packing

Here’s a little puzzle/toy that I made this weekend — you have to try to fit 13 nickles into the tray.

They’re slightly different sizes, so the same solutions don’t work on both of them.

coin packing puzzle

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Corian Puzzle

I few weeks ago, I got my hands on some scrap Corian that was left over from some counter tops. I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it first, and today I made a copy of the classic “T” tanagram puzzle.

I think that Corian is the perfect material for a puzzle like this — it’s feels so solid and smooth in your hands, and it’s so satisfying how it clinks together.

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My friend Karl asked for a couple more fawns/satyrs to go with the fantasy set I’m making for him.

Mary Cate was so pleased with her designs for the two new ones that she re-did the original one to match.

Here’s the first set, and I’m under strict instructions to make a new set for our home very soon.

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About a year and a half ago, I finished my first free-standing bookcase. I was so pleased that I turned right around and started two more.

It took me a year to finish the first one.

It’s been six months since I did any work on the second one, until this weekend, when I glued the face frame on:

Hopefully it won’t take me six more months to finish this project. We could really use the shelf space.

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Fantasy Critters

This is Mary Cate’s and my fourth animal set, and the most ambitious one so far. I’m really pleased with how they turned out

By the way, my son informs me that if they all fought, the green dragon would win.

Edit: I’m disappointed with how the red dragon (which is my favorite) showed up in that photograph, so here’s another photo of it:

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