Fantasy Critters

This is Mary Cate’s and my fourth animal set, and the most ambitious one so far. I’m really pleased with how they turned out

By the way, my son informs me that if they all fought, the green dragon would win.

Edit: I’m disappointed with how the red dragon (which is my favorite) showed up in that photograph, so here’s another photo of it:

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  1. These are great, Porter. I like the purple Gryphon.

  2. Thank you very much. We’re really pleased with the set as well.

    Do I know you, Wm Morris? How did you find my blog?

  3. Tough question. The dragons are both probably about 5/5, but I like the red one better. In the end, though, if it were a brawl free for all, I bet the pink fairy sitting on the mushroom would win. At the beginning, the lummoxes would commence beating on each other, and the centaur would be flirting with the unicorn while the satyr tried to woo the mermaid. Once the big guys had beaten each to bloody pulps, the fairy would prance on in and unleash wicked awesome magic to finish the battle FTW.

  4. […] made any block silhouette figures. Here’s two. The phoenix is the same design that I used a year ago. They are both made from […]

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