Once he was taught the trick of how to solve it, I gave my eldest the assignment of counting how many steps it takes to complete the the Tower of Hanoi puzzle for when there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 discs. Then I was going to sit down with him and explore that relationship.

Instead, he comes to me with a chart showing the number of moves it would take with up to 20 discs. And they were right.

He noticed the pattern himself and “cheated” by applying the formula instead of counting it out by hand.

I’m so proud.

We then went on to calculate that if The Flash could do one million steps per second, it would still take him longer than the age of the universe to solve a 100-disc version.

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  1. That is too cool! I’d be proud as well! (:

  2. i wanna see this chart, you should scan it in

  3. So, how many steps DOES a 20 tall pyramid take?

  4. 2^20 – 1 == 1048575 steps.

    Assuming 1 step per second, it’s a little over 12 days.

  5. […] solution takes exactly moves to move the disks from one post to another. Porter mentioned in his next blog post that him and his son then calculated how high of a stack The Flash could do if he could […]

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