That’s not a knife…

…but it’s getting there.

I don’t know how many times I read through the book Step-By-Step Knifemaking when I was a teen. I even “made” a couple of knives buy buying pre-made blades and then affixing handles onto them.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my dad showed me this video which shows how to make a simple knife using extremely simple methods. I decided that I needed to finally give it a go.

So, yesterday I passed by a used tool store and bought some old files, just like are used in the video. Last night I discovered that, yes, our wood-burning stove gets hot enough to anneal steel, and I spent a good part of today shaping the blade to what you see here.

The next step is to finish gathering all the parts for my brake drum forge so that I can harden this knife. When that’s done, I’ll put a handle on it.

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I started this biplane March of last year after I made a biplane for my daughter and liked it so much I wanted an unpainted one for myself. I just barely finished it.

It is made from maple (fuselage and wheels) , oak (wings and landing gear), cherry (dowels), teak (propeller), and mahogany (propeller pin).

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Serendipitous Car

I was doing some prototyping for a toy locomotive I’m thinking about making, and it got out of hand. Before I knew it, I had turned that prototype into a full-fledged toy.

As usual, the wheels are Corian. The wood is Saman, a Venezuelan wood, and the axles are brass rod which I found at a local recycling center.

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I made my first 2 yoyos today. The first one is made from Oregon Walnut. It’s a little chunky. The next wooden one I make will probably be smaller both in thickness and diameter.

The second one is made from Corian. I like its the size more, but even with all the hollowing out I did, it’s still heavier than I prefer.

Both of them have fixed brass axles.

They’re not the best yoyos in the world, but they go down, sleep, and come back up.

Where I come from, that’s called a success.

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