Activity Train

For my youngest’s birthday, I made him this toy train, where each car (except for the engine and caboose) is an activity toy.

The first one is a miniature towers of Hanoi/stacking game, the second one is another stacking game with a roof that also fits the house playset, and the third has working gears.

The three cars are actually identical, with different stacking/interlocking toys that can be put on top of them.

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Soma Cube

I found dice at the dollar store the other day, and brought home 30 of them for $3. I then glued them together into a puzzle called a “Soma Cube”.

It’s a great puzzle for kids. Not only are there 240 different configurations for the cube solution, but there are a lot of other shapes that you can make. I was barely able to pry it away from my youngest for long enough to solve the cube and take the picture.

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Marble Machine

What does it do? It doesn’t do anything. That’s the beauty of it.

This was a relatively short project, but I had more fun with it than with any other this Christmas season.

It’s pointless, mechanical, and mesmerizing.

It has been named The Marble-a-gig by my son, who received it as a gift.

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House Playset

This is a toy set that I made for Christmas. You can arrange the blocks, roofs, and accessories together in any number of ways to make farms, villages, etc..

Each picture below shows about 1/3 of the set that I gave my daughter for Christmas.

What was really fun was making the accessories (fences, trees, bushes, outhouses, etc.) when I was done with the main set.

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Farm Ornaments

Each year we get a new set of Christmas tree ornaments — one for each member of the family.

This year, Mary Cate and I made the ornaments ourselves.

Mary Cate designed them, I cut them out, and then she painted them.

I wanted to go with just the simple silhouette, but the painted turned out pretty good.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a goat Christmas tree ornament before.

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