Basket Trials

I’m playing around with making some nesting boxes similar to the wood baskets I made earlier.

These boxes aren’t going to be able to nest inside each other, but they’ll still make fine gifts on their own. And next time, I think I’ll be able to make them nest.

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Tongue Drum

I saw my first tongue drum years ago in a little tourist store in Park City, Utah. I thought to myself “I could make that”.

It turns out that there’s more to it than just cutting some slits in a piece of wood, and i made a few mis-steps along the way. But for a first attempt, this came out well.

It is made from mahogany.

edit: I’ve now added a small video of it

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It takes a village

After I gave my daughter the villiage playset, I asked her if there was anything else she’d like me to make for it. She said she wanted a school, a church, and little people.

For scale, the small people are about an inch tall. It’s a good thing that we no longer have any toddlers to choke on them.

I’ve never tried scrollsawing anything as small as these people, but they’re really fun. I think I’ll make a bunch of them for myself to play with.

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Animal Family Puzzles

Here’s a few animal family puzzles that I made this weekend. The cats are made from walnut, the elephants from cedar, the horses from salvaged oak (an old bed frame), and the mice from mahogany.

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Rough-Turned Bowls

I recently became a member of the local woodturning club, and it turns out that they’ve got a really organized wood harvesting thing going out here. Apparently, in Oregon, wood grows on trees, and there’s a lot of it available. They were very willing to share, so I grabbed some.

So, now that I’ve got some big chunks of wood, I’m trying my hand at making bowls for the first time.

I’ve only done the rough turning for these bowls. They’re much thicker now then they’ll end up being. Since the wood I turned them from was green, I need to let the bowls air dry and warp for about six months. At that point, I’ll turn them to their final shape.

I’ve got walnut, pear, and birch bowls here.

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