It’s a snake!

I was playing around with interlocking 3D puzzles today, and ended up making this snake.

The wood is eastern red oak salvaged from a pallet, and the eye pin is brass.

Edit to add:

I’ve been asked whether the snake holds together when you play with it. It does. If you remove the brass pin that is used for the eyes, you can then take it apart, one piece at a time:

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  1. Porter, I think a lot of your projects, but for some reason this seems even cooler than most. I would have loved that as a kid!

  2. Do the pieces gradually taper (meaning the snake pieces need to be put together in order), or are the middle pieces mostly interchangeable?
    Also, needs more badgers. And a mushroom.

    • It tapers at the end, but not through most of the body.

      But even so, they’re not interchangeable. The slight variations that come from cutting it by hand are enough to keep them from being interchangeable.

  3. […] Here are a couple of snakes puzzles, very similar to the one I’ve already posted here. I used some nice exotic woods for these. The light striped one is zebrawood, and the dark one is […]

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