Arrow of Light

This is a box that I made in honor of my son achieving the Arrow of Light rank award in Cub Scouts.

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Phoenix and Dragon

It’s been a while since I’ve made any block silhouette figures. Here’s two. The dragon is new, while the phoenix is the same design that I used a year ago. They are both made from mahogany.

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The New Ball and Chain

Lately I’ve been playing around with whittling, and with all the spare time available during the holiday weekend, I had many hours available.

The first thing that I made were some willow-bark whistle. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those to photograph, because I gave them all away. None of them even made it home.

Next, here are some silly little wooden knives. My kids think these are fantastic. Again, these are made from willow branches:

These projects were fun enough that I decided to try my hand at some of the classic whittling projects: a linked chain and a ball trapped in a box. Both of these were carved from a fir 2×4.

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