Porter’s Workshop: Etsy.com edition

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had many requests from people to be able to purchase some of the things I’ve made. I’ve usually replied with “yeah, I’m thinking of setting up an etsy.com shop one of these days”.

Well, that day has arrived. Here is my shop.


You can always find a link to it here in the right column of my blog.

There are already several items there, and if you want any of them, feel free. But if I’ve made anything in the past (or future) that you’d like the opportunity to buy, just let me know, with no obligation. If it’s something that I feel like making, I’ll do so, and put in in my shop so that you can buy it. If you want.

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Captive Ball Spoon

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From what I gather, there used to be a Welsh tradition of beaus who went out to sea to spend their time carving elaborate “love spoons” for their beloved.

Now, while I do have some Welsh ancestry, I mostly just think the spoons are neat. So I tried my hand at them.

The spoons are shown in the order I made them. The first one was made with someone else’s pattern, but the last three are my own patterns.

The woods used are cherry, basswood, cherry, and walnut. Although it doesn’t photograph as well, I think I like the walnut the best.

The first one I made just as a project to do while camping this last month. But I enjoyed it so much that I came back and made more. I’m already trying to figure out what I want my next one to look like.

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Knife Grinding Jig

One thing that I had a really hard time with on the knives I’ve made before was getting a good, even grind on the blade. Here’s a simple jig that makes it much easier. It’s made from a 2×2, and the knife rests in a slot which is cut at a slight angle (this one is nine degrees), and is held in place by thumb screws.

It’s such an elegant solution, I’m embarrassed that I didn’t come up with it myself.

I have been asked for a picture of this jig on the belt sander so you can more easily see how it is used. Here you go:

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Wood Carving Knife

I’ve played around with knifemaking here and there through the years, but this is the first time I’ve made a knife from start to finish. Two days ago, this knife was nothing more than a board of Oregon oak, a brass rod, an old band saw blade, and some glue.

Not a terribly impressive-looking knife, I know. Wouldn’t want to bring it to a fight. This knife is designed for woodcarving, and thus has a narrow, short blade and a large, comfortable handle.

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You Might Be a Mormon…

…if you recognize this profile.

This is the distinctive profile of Joseph Smith Jr., Mormon/LDS prophet. The top and bottom are made out of Brazilian cherry, which is a new material for me, but I really like it.

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Dragon vs. Phoenix. Fight!

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Here are a couple more fairies that Mary Cate designed.

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