Go Tell Aunt Rhody We’re Playing The Oboe

For the music merit badge, my son needed to make an instrument and learn to play it. I remembered when I was a kid and watched Mr. Wizard made a double-reeded buzzer out of a drinking straw. Me and my brothers made a lot of those buzzers over the years. It’s a wonder that we made it out alive.

So, my son and I took that buzzer idea and expanded it into a really primitive oboe. We’ve been debating whether it sounds like a dying duck or a dying goose.

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Portrait Ornaments

These Christmas ornaments are profiles of my family. I should probably make on of myself for a full set, as soon as I get somebody to take a profile photograph of me. Preferably before Christmas.

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A Scout is…

I made a few boxes decorated with fleur-de-lis, the international symbol of scouting.

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