With a Spoon

My brother pointed these out to me, so I had to try it myself.

This is a trade point arrowhead that I made from from a flattened out spoon I bought from the dollar store.

This was attempt #3, and the first one that I wasn’t embarassed by.


1. Get spoon.
2. Hammer it flat.
3. Draw out the arrowhead shape.
4. Rough-cut with a hacksaw.
5. Clean up with belt sander, file, and finally sharpening stone.
6. Take pretty picture

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  1. In order to make an actual function arrow head, does the edge need to be tempered? You could probably do it with a propane torch and a quick quench…

  2. This arrow point will not take a really good edge. It’s not the right kind of steel.

    And even if it were a stainless that can be hardened, you generally cannot heat treat it by just heating it up and quenching it (followed by tempering) like you can with carbon steel.

  3. That said, I think that this would definitely work, but not as well as if it were the sort of steel that could take a razor edge.

  4. Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    Hmmm… interesting idea, not just for traditional archery, but also for making good looking theatrical props, just round the edge after putting a grind on it, so it has that ‘sharpened’ look without the actor/actress damaging portion. (I did theater for years, if they can hurt themselves on something, they will.)

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