Wood Necktie

Over ten years ago, I saw my uncle wearing a wooden tie. It had strips of many different types of hardwood glued to a leather backing.

Ever since, I’ve wanted a wood tie of my own.

So now, I have made one.

I went a little different direction than the one that I saw. This is made out of one type (and piece) of wood. The pieces of wood are drilled and then strung together like beads, allowing it some flexibility.

For wearing, it is attached to a bolo tie hardware and string.

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Won’t You Be Mine

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In the Beginning

There were plans.

Even before I really got into woodworking a few years ago, I was fascinated by the kits and plans that were sold for people to make mechanical clocks. They even sell kits so that you can make clocks entirely out of paper!.

And when I got into scrollsawing and saw some of the beautiful wooden clocks designed for scrollsawers, I knew that someday I had to make one. I even went so far as to order the plans for one so that someday I could make it.


Well, I’ve decided that today is that day! The latest edition of ScrollSaw Woodworking & Crafts has full plans for an extremely simple (relatively) mechanical clock. I went out today and made copies of it, because I have no doubt that I will mess things up the first time. In fact, I really should have gone ahead and made two copies of everything so that I can mess up twice. Oh well…

I don’t know how long this will take me. But I’m closer than I’ve ever been to really starting, and now I’m even closer.

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Spinning Tops

This is a bunch of spinning tops I made this last week out of wood and corian.

I used some of the best and brightest corian colors I have for these tops. I let everybody pick their favorite color out of what we had, and then on Christmas morning they each got a top made out of that color in their stocking.

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Wood Dolls

When Mary Cate was painting her recent nativity set, my two daughters were absolutely fascinated and wanted to paint some themselves. But we didn’t have any extras, so that couldn’t happen.

So I’ve made some for them, of various sizes, that they can paint however they want.

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Exotic Snakes

Here are a couple of snakes puzzles, very similar to the one I’ve already posted here. I used some nice exotic woods for these. The light striped one is zebrawood, and the dark one is wenge.

I really like the wenge. I’m going to use more of it in the future, I can tell.

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More Nativity Boxes

Last spring, I made a set of nativity set boxes.

One thing about them that I wasn’t satisfied with was that the style of the center box didn’t really seem to match the style of the other two.

This time, I made two different sets, one with a more detailed style, and one simpler.

As always, Mary Cate drew all of these designs.

I also took the center box of the simple version and made a bunch of them to give away this year:

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Mortar and Pestle

This is a mortar and pestle. It’s a little smaller than I had planned on, but for a first try, I’m pretty pleased.

The main material is Corian, and the wood is maple recycled from the foot pedal of an old organ.

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Portrait Ornaments

These Christmas ornaments are profiles of my family. I should probably make on of myself for a full set, as soon as I get somebody to take a profile photograph of me. Preferably before Christmas.

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A Scout is…

I made a few boxes decorated with fleur-de-lis, the international symbol of scouting.

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