Steampunk Ray Gun

We heat our home with two woodburning stoves, and having a working bellows will make it much easier for us to get the fires started in the morning.

So I made this bellows out of a foot pump (probably for an air mattress or something like that) that I picked up at a garage sale and a length of copper tubing. The tubing is so long so that we can stick one end of the tubing right into the fire and blow air into it without even having to bend over.

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Wood Dolls

When Mary Cate was painting her recent nativity set, my two daughters were absolutely fascinated and wanted to paint some themselves. But we didn’t have any extras, so that couldn’t happen.

So I’ve made some for them, of various sizes, that they can paint however they want.

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Exotic Snakes

Here are a couple of snakes puzzles, very similar to the one I’ve already posted here. I used some nice exotic woods for these. The light striped one is zebrawood, and the dark one is wenge.

I really like the wenge. I’m going to use more of it in the future, I can tell.

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Painted Nativity

Mary Cate made this nativity set from a bunch of the wooden figures you can buy at a hobby store. She did all the painting. All I did was cut out the manger.

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More Nativity Boxes

Last spring, I made a set of nativity set boxes.

One thing about them that I wasn’t satisfied with was that the style of the center box didn’t really seem to match the style of the other two.

This time, I made two different sets, one with a more detailed style, and one simpler.

As always, Mary Cate drew all of these designs.

I also took the center box of the simple version and made a bunch of them to give away this year:

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Mortar and Pestle

This is a mortar and pestle. It’s a little smaller than I had planned on, but for a first try, I’m pretty pleased.

The main material is Corian, and the wood is maple recycled from the foot pedal of an old organ.

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Go Tell Aunt Rhody We’re Playing The Oboe

For the music merit badge, my son needed to make an instrument and learn to play it. I remembered when I was a kid and watched Mr. Wizard made a double-reeded buzzer out of a drinking straw. Me and my brothers made a lot of those buzzers over the years. It’s a wonder that we made it out alive.

So, my son and I took that buzzer idea and expanded it into a really primitive oboe. We’ve been debating whether it sounds like a dying duck or a dying goose.

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Portrait Ornaments

These Christmas ornaments are profiles of my family. I should probably make on of myself for a full set, as soon as I get somebody to take a profile photograph of me. Preferably before Christmas.

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A Scout is…

I made a few boxes decorated with fleur-de-lis, the international symbol of scouting.

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Porter’s Workshop: edition

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had many requests from people to be able to purchase some of the things I’ve made. I’ve usually replied with “yeah, I’m thinking of setting up an shop one of these days”.

Well, that day has arrived. Here is my shop.

You can always find a link to it here in the right column of my blog.

There are already several items there, and if you want any of them, feel free. But if I’ve made anything in the past (or future) that you’d like the opportunity to buy, just let me know, with no obligation. If it’s something that I feel like making, I’ll do so, and put in in my shop so that you can buy it. If you want.

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